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NEXT COURSE - Saturday & Sunday 6th & 7th July 2019


Do you wish you had the tools and flexibility to Hypnotise anyone, anytime, anywhere?


Are there times you wish you understood Hypnosis more deeply?


Is flexibility something you are looking for with your Hypnotic inductions?


Do you want to learn how to use Magic, Mentalism and Cold/Palm Reading to covertly test your subject's suggestibility and then transition them into Hypnosis?


Want to Hypnotise someone in seconds?


If you answered yes to any of these this course will be the missing piece of your Hypnotic jigsaw! On Saturday and Sunday 6th & 7th July 2019 in Coventry, Nick Davies will be presenting his model of "Transactional Hypnosis" (Scroll down to see a video of him performing it in an impromtu setting at a leisure centre).


“Transactional Hypnosis” is Nick's model of Hypnosis based on his own experiences and understanding of it through the filters of his understanding and use of parts of Transactional Analysis. T.A. is a field of Psychotherapy created by Canadian Psychiatrist Eric Berne in the late 1950’s where he established that the human ego splits into three different "states" - Parent, Adult and Child which have there own characteristics and behaviours.


He decided to create his own model because he had reached a very good skill level

very early on but studying lots and lots of books, audio CDs, DVDs on the subject of

Hypnosis he found himself becoming more and more confused rather than enlightened.


He had developed a model for Hypnosis that would work in a variety of different situations that was easily understood and delivered. It worked for therapeutic situations, stage shows, street and impromptu hypnosis, in fact anywhere and



Nick has been using it for years and has a reputation for being able to Hypnotise the most difficult subjects, people who often thought themselves previously “unhypnotisable”.



The price of the course is £397 and you can book your place below.

If you are on an Apple product or having difficulty booking please email us at [email protected] and we'll send you a personal Paypal link or an alternative method of payment.








Here is a video of Nick using a Transactional "Eyes Open" Hypnotic induction -




























But Transactional Hypnosis is more about giving you more flexibility and understanding of the process which will allow you better results, i.e. more people “under” and more Hypnotic phenomena.


Because of its deep interventions with Psychotherapy it will also allow you to understand "your style" of Hypnosis better based on the way you already interact with people, rather than you pretending to be someone you're not (which is what most of the other training courses do).


This is a highly interactive, fun, and informative workshop where you will learn and experience things at a far deeper level than before.


You will also get a free copy of Nick's e-book "Transactional Hypnosis" and full notes to accompany the workshop.



During this workshop you will learn:


* What is “Transactional Hypnosis” – Introducing the Characters!

* Identifying the different ego-states

* Identifying your personal style

* Managing your own state

* How to detect the different ego-states

* Health & Safety and Abreactions

* Depth of Hypnosis

* How to pre-empt and deal with failure

* The Importance of Posture

* The fundamentals of Hypnosis

* How to Palm Read and use this for suggestibility testing

* How to Cold Read and transition this into Hypnosis

* How to perform Psychological Reading and transition this into Hypnosis

* Utilising Magic & Mentalism to transition into Hypnosis

* “Magnets & Glue” Routine

* “The Nurturing Parent” Routine

* Covert testing

* “Palm Read" Routine

* “Shoulder Press” Routine

* “Pinocchio” Routine

* “Hand Shake Pull” Induction

* “Look at Me!” Induction

* “Headmaster” Induction

* Q & A Session


* You will also receive a certficate which counts towards your continued professional development (CPD)


Plus much, much more...




The price of the course is £397 and you can book your place below.

If you are on an Apple product or having difficulty booking please email us at [email protected] and we'll send you a personal Paypal link or an alternative method of payment.









But if you need a little more convincing before booking your place, read what has been written about "Transactional Hypnosis":


"I've been a full-time hypnotist (both on stage and in therapy) for the past 7 years and I have over 10,000 hypnotised subjects under my belt, but nothing in hypnosis has ever excited me as much as 'Transactional Hypnosis' by Nick Davies.

This incredible report has taken several massively powerful concepts and combined them together with a mindblowing outcome. Fantastic work."

Robert Temple - Comedy Hypnotist 



"I have been studying under Nick for a number of years now and have had the privilege to see the dream become reality, Transactional Hypnosis in one word is "Awesome" and a great testament to Nick's skill and understanding of human psychology and hypnosis. Well done great work !!!"

Adam Cowming (Hypnotist & Hypnotherapist)



"My appreciation, gratitude, and respect goes out to Nick Davies for his training, I finally have my 'Hypno-Mojo' back and am back flying high. I Highly recommend his training to anyone wishing to learn from the courses he provides. I for one will certainly be back."

Chris "Doc" Munro - Hypnotherapist, Street and Stage Hypnotist



“For an insight into which state is conducive to hypnosis, the e-book written by my good friend Nick Davies is a must read. In it Nick describes how he has developed his understanding of Transactional Analysis (TA) and applied it to the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. This e-book demonstrates Nick's remarkable understanding of both subjects. It also gives an insight into how TA can be used to not only evaluate the receptiveness of a willing subject but also to assist in moving them from a non-receptive to a more receptive state. An absolute must read for any professional hypnotist.”

Simon Goodlad - Hypnotherapist, Magician and Street Hypnotist



“I love the presentation Nick, the doorman, monkey and spock rock! The fluidity and speed of the inductions you demonstrated on me were really cool...people will get so much from your course - your methodology is easily understood, flexible, and easily applied too.”

Gary Turner – Hypnotherapist & 13 times World Champion MMA Fighter



‎"I like your own take and experience on Transactional Hypnosis, it has provided me with additional perceptivity regarding the different ego states and processes involved, thus increasing the chances of hypnotising the most arduous subjects. Thank-you Nick"

Kiegan Vallely (The Hypnogician)



"Having been a professional Hypnotherapist and Stage/Street Hypnotist for over 20 years I can honestly say that this concise 14 page PDF entitled "Transactional Hypnosis" by Nick Stone is highly explosive in its nature & contents! Whilst it would be true to say that from my extensive personal experience that I feel the model that Nick Stone has devised to both explain and teach hypnosis for both therapeutic and entertainment applications is incredibly effective, well reasonsed, logically explained and easily digested and understood, it would also be true to state that I feel that in the wrong hands this unique publication could prove to be extremely dangerous. Whilst Nick Davies has intended this to present his model of teaching Hypnosis, it is my belief that the contents have less to do with conventional Hypnosis procedures and far more to do with Covert Manipulative Human Psychology. Not only is this kind of information potentially extrememly dangerous in the wrong hands due to the very real fact that when it is fully understood and correctly applied it can indeed be ultilised to make most anybody do most anything and as such one only hopes that any and all readers of this manuscript are honest in nature and will only use the contents with Positive Intent. My other big worry and concern is that the contents whilst simple to understand and apply, are in my opinon not explained in enough depth to make the reader aware how truly powerful and dangerous this information and approach will prove itself to be in the wrong hands. You would be wise to seek proper training before using these methods, as the chance for your volunteers and clients to experience Abreactions and Emotional Distress are in my opinion and experinece increased at least ten fold when using these methods and that could have devastating long term negative psycholoical effects for those who are unfortunate enough to fall victim to an inexperineced "hobby" hypnotist using these methods. In short the PDF is worth its weight in Gold but should only be used by highly trained and experienced ethical professionals with a great understanding of Human Psychology and Psychological Approaches otherwise they could do their volunteers and clients far more harm than good."




"Used that "Palm Read" induction twice today you are a genius!"

Jaye Reed - Hypnotherapist and Street Hypnotist