Nick Davies - HYPNOTIST




"Seeing is believing!!


Seeing one of your mates not remember their name and physically not being able to get off his seat was amazing. I can see how Nicks mind techniques can be used in all applications of life, as well as for fun.


Nick was funny, clever, friendly and included everyone. He had everyone in the venue's complete attention, even the bar staff.


Hes a great laugh and ensures everyone will be left feeling amazed and astonished."

Matt Valle



"Truely magical and entertaining!

It was a pleasure being in Nick's company and he really made our night.

A very clever and inspiring man who I cant wait to meet again."

Lennie Cleary



"The strangest experience of my life,


Although in my head everything he was telling me I understood and deliberately tried to fight it off saying it aint going to work on me.


But I was a non believer, I always thought these things were set up, instead Nick Stone made me unable to say my own name, my head was shouting Jason but my mouth could not say the words. Then when I tried to get up my legs did not work.

Unbelievable, the night was special because there was a great atmosphere. Also the card tricks, mind tricks, hypnosis and shear fun factor Nicks routine made it a night I will never forget."

Jason Cleary



"I've never met Nick Davies before and the personality test he did on me was spot on, also the hypnotizing he did on my brother who was a non-believer was amazing to watch and thoroughly entertaining when he could not remember his name it was also scary at times with the human planks and people standing on them a great night loads of fun."

Alicia Churchill



"To be honest I never watched any of the things Nick did in the first part as I've always found that sort of thing a little bit scary but after watching the human planks being performed I was seriously amazed that one person could do something so amazing, and then after when he did my personality test, it was just simply wonderful, fantastic night!"

Parmy Dhillon



"Nick's mind magic and hynosis shows are great fun and very entertaining. Everyone enjoys themselves and it impossible not to get involved and wonder how he's does it, must be a gift! The shows are done in a very relaxed manner but at the same time Nick is very professional and makes sure you enjoy the experience. If you don't want to get involved there is no pressure at all and you can laugh until your sides hurt at the brave ones but also be amazed and confused at the mind magic tricks that Nick will be doing.


I have seen Nick proforming the show a number of times and would recommend him to anyone who is having a party and wants something a bit special and unusual. Nick can and will WOW you !"

Adam Cowming



That was absolutely fantastic!  You are an absolute natural.  I really hope that you do more shows and give other people the opportunity to see your amazing talent!  I really enjoyed it. The crowd most certainly enjoyed it too. Nothing but positive comments from amazed people.  ......

Kerry Smith